When the World Melts Away 

His feet ached under his grey woollen socks and sensible black shoes. So much so, that the last few stairs of the hotel had to be limped up. The hallway seemed so much longer now he was so tired he wanted to collapse on the spot. Angel’s door seemed miles away.
However tired he was, he knew it was only a matter of time before he was wrapped in the warm… or slightly cool embrace and then any aches and pains would be soothed away. Gone and forgotten as the world disappears and there is only them.

Stumbling through the door, strong hands take his arms, supporting him as he goes; taking him across the room that’s too dark for him to see in, to the bed he knows is there. He trusts these hands more than his own eyes… would follow them wherever they led him.

When the world melts away

“Take it easy, Wes.” Angel’s voice whispered softly, helping him to sit down slowly. “You shouldn’t have come… I told you to go home and rest.”

“Yes…” Wesley said, hesitantly. “But I needed something that wasn’t there.”

It may have been dark, but he just knew how Angel’s eyes would light up at the comment. They always did. Something about being so lonely made the vampire appreciate love that much more.

Even more so from him.

He lay down, his head drawn to the pillow and his body bearing down as if forcing him to stay there forever. Though the idea of never having to move again seems like bliss at this point, he’d rather be moving into a certain person’s arms.

But as always, he doesn’t need to ask. Because Angel knows. Always knows what he wants and would do anything to do it for him. The smile he gives is a gift the vampire cherishes and tries to induce at all times.

Because Angel… and only Angel… knows that behind the sovepiller uden recept stony face, the serious looks and the hesitant speech, there lies much pain and self-doubt.

“It’s getting harder.” Wesley states suddenly, into the silence they’ve grown accustomed to.

“We can manage. We always do.” Angel replies, his arm around Wesley’s waist, pressing their bodies together.

“Until one day…” Wesley breaks off, making the emotion well. But not well enough.

“You’re afraid we’ll lose?” Angel asks.

“Afraid you will.” Wesley replies simply.

“I’ve survived this long… I’ll outlive you.” Angel jokes, nudging into Wesley’s neck playfully.

Wesley actually smiles. “Yes, I suppose you will.”

“You’re unhappy… talk to me.” Angel asks, his smile fading.

“No… not unhappy… thoughtful. A good fight does that to me.” Wesley says, wistfully.

“A good fight? That was nothing… well… for me, I suppose. You took a beating…” Angel knew he was digging himself in deeper but he was trying to say…

“I know. I should realise my own limits.” Wesley says.

“There are no limits.” Angel reminds him. “You did an amazing job.”

“And now I suffer for it.” Wesley says, groaning as he tries to shift so he and Angel are facing each other.

“Want me to make it better?” Angel says, suggestively.

Wesley smiles.

“You already have. Just lying here with you makes it all better.”

“Then maybe you should do it more often. Say… every night. And possibly during the day…” Angel jokes.

“I wish I could.”

“Then move in with me. Move here. I want you with me forever, Wesley. Right here.” Angel says, seriously.

“I can’t give you forever…” Wesley says, softly. “But I can give you now.”

“And that’s all I need.” Angel replies, tightening his grip around the human and pressing his lips to Wesley’s.

And as always, the pain, the thoughts… the world… just melt away and for one moment… everything’s perfect.