The Mysterious Generation of Writers Who Do Not Want to Read

The Mysterious Generation of Writers Who Do Not Want to Read

Do you want to become one of those well-known writers , but you do not like to read ?!

So, for everything! We have a big problem!

It is virtually impossible for anyone to be passionate about writing, if they do not love reading too.

But why does this happen? This article aims to help you understand this “phenomenon”.

So, you are a special guest to read this article through to the end.

Because people do not like to read

Let’s face it, society wants everything fast and the rush to speak before listening, is also notorious in writing before reading.

As a child, people are instructed to solve everything very quickly, and because you will “waste your time” reading a whole text to respond to the activity in the classroom, if your little friend has already jumped to the questions and answered everything with his words!

The habit of not liking to read, in most cases, is related from very small, still in the first years of the school life.

But how can people enjoy writing? but do not have the patience to read what others, or even what he himself wrote?

And it is becoming more common for writers to spend more time publishing, that is, writing, than reading and exploring a new book!

The great secret to writing well!

How did great writers produce texts with such quality? They read! That justification seems silly, but it’s not.

Today there are many successful writers who have made writing their new profession. They are contracted to write articles for blogs and even articles aimed at the dissemination of products and / or services.

With reading it is possible that the individual gains autonomy to write, besides enriching and much his vocabulary.

Therefore, when we take some older books or even articles and reports, it is possible to identify that for each type of situation, there is also a type of language.

Based on the types of languages ​​it is very important that your work is targeted to your audience.

Let’s face it, you can be an excellent writer in the field of sociology and philosophy, but when writing a book for young people and adolescents, no matter how good it is, it will not succeed!

Do you know why? Although its content is enriching, the type of language used does not attract the attention of its target audience, making the reading tiresome and even demotivating.

So, a secret to writing well, is beyond having a life of reading, meet your target audience.


The craft of writing is so beautiful! Through it it is possible for individuals to feel satisfied, is even happier with the results at the end of every text, book or any work related to writing!

If you dream of being like the great writers, then you have to be bold and do not be afraid to try, to dare and the results of each job.

Remember that there will always be people who will become admirers of your work and others not so much, but what matters is that in the end, you need to come out with the sense of accomplishment!

Always read and each new work will become even better, and gradually you will feel like the writers who both admire and inspire you to be a writer of excellence.