How has Melatonin become the Key to Most Mental Issues?

Research conducted by The National Institute of Mental Health states that – most children under the age of 14 years have been administered melatonin in the recent 5 years. Also, in the case of mental issues, most of the patients have been given a bout of melatonin. Though it is a well-known fact that, melatonin is the hormone that induces sleep, but the whole idea to buy melatonin needs further attention.

Hooked? Well, there’s more! Melatonin has been in usage since the 1920’s now, and with every passing year, there have been certain significant discoveries in regards to this secretion. Time for you to acquire the details! Scroll down!

melatonin and mental issues

The relation between mental issues and sleep disorders

Mental issues have an innate connection with sleep disorders, and recent research has also proved the same. A sleep disorder for a more significant period (insomnia, for example) can cause impairment in mental functions and melatonin is that neurohormone which helps to induce sleep. In such cases, one has to administer specific doses of this melatonin to assist the concerned parties.

Though for most patients, this may well enough be the reason to buy melatonin from certified chemists, there are a handful of other major issues as well. Check them out!

How is melatonin the key?

  • In the case of patients suffering from anxiety issues – melatonin is the adjuvant anti-anxiety treatment. A further study of the same shows that it has helped in dealing with insomniacs and hypersomnia patients equally well.
  • For those individuals Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD) – melatonin along with a limited amount of methylphenidate can also help to reduce disturbances in sleeping patterns of the patients.
  • For those suffering from clinical depression and bouts of schizophrenia – melatonin is helpful as a therapy to calm their nerves and get them back to their normal sleep routine.
  • In the case of autistic children, most doctors prescribe this drug courtesy to its ability to sustain consistent sleep patterns in children.
  • For those suffering from Work-Sleep-Disorder, melatonin supplements are a great way out!
  • In case of jet lag and run-down feeling, a gentle dose of melatonin is vital and prescribed by most practitioners.

As per the data received from multiple medical sources – melatonin has helped to synchronize circadian rhythms, sustained the consistent survival of neurons from any failure and is involved in the antioxidation process. So, whether it is insomnia or parasomnia – this is an alternative to the prescribed modes of treatment which doctors follow in this case.

However, consistent clinical trials of this supplement are still under consideration with one and all expecting positive results.

With all these details understood, you must check out that the seller from whom you buy melatonin must be credible enough. Also, make sure you take this medicine under a doctor’s supervision since if it is taken with certain other drugs, it could have negative effect on your body.

Note: These are some of the drugs with which you must avoid melatonin – anti-coagulants, birth control pills, diabetes pills and immunosuppressants. Make sure you consult your medical examiner before you choose these medicines.