How Do You Plan Pre-Wedding Photo-Shoot with an Elegant Blue Pashmina

In this ever-changing realm of the fashion industry, pashminas remain an accessory of timeless elegance. Every year, fashionistas devour that latest collection of cashmere wraps and scroll through vogue to identify new styles and trends.

This year, setting the fashion industry ablaze is the blue pashmina. Ever since the royal wedding between Prince Harry and Meghan Markel this blue cashmere was an item found in the trousseau of most socialites.

Most of the guests chose to adorn themselves with intricate shades of blue wraps to look spectacular at the nuptials. So if you’re lucky enough to own this ‘in fashion’ blue pashmina, this year plan your pre-wedding photo shoot using an authentic blue wrap.

A pre-wedding shoot with the elegant blue pashmina can be worked to perfection if styled right. So, read on and enlighten yourself with outfit choices & colours to reflect the happy relationship between you and your fiancée.

For Daytime shoot:

pashmina blueThe time of the day, to the attire, it’s styling and ambience, all matters when it comes to pre-wedding photo sessions. So, if you’ve planned to organise your pre-nuptial pashmina themed photo shoot in the morning, then two colours will suit your purpose best – Navy blue and redFor the bride –

Navy – Wear a Peruvian blue gown like the Asos Drape Satin Maxi Dress and accessorise it with a pale blue pashmina the navy hue along with the pale scarf will look gorgeous against a beautiful backdrop.

Red – If your personality is bold & boisterous wearing a red dress paired with a blue stole can work wonders. Choose an unusual setting like a dockyard or a cliff to make your picture stand out. Women can opt for red Love Triangle Bandeau Midi Dress with Double Frill and accessorise with any pale blue scarf.

Go for candid poses or passionate ones with your fiancée to give your photo-shoot a voguish vibe.For the groom –

The groom can use a light blue shawl along with a navy dress shirt or a black or blue signature suit to stand out with the bride to be.

Twilight shoots –

For the romantic couple who wish to portray aesthetics, love and the joy the twilight or dusk photo-shoot is an ideal choice. However, if you’re planning on a pashmina themed shoot, then it’s best to wear shades which will complement the dusk setting. An excellent choice is white, grey, peach and orange.

For the bride –

Metallic grey/White – If you’re planning to do a photo shoot in a villa, with authentic lighting, then it’s best to go for metallic steel shades. Wear a steel gown like the metallic grey Pleated Maxi Dress with Back Detail and drape your pashmina styled like a faux fur.

Peace/ Orange – Another right combination to mix with a dusk photo session is shades of bright orange or peach. This combination of a sunset backdrop will bring out the aesthetic of portraying a couple in love. You can opt for a floral pattern dress like the Orange ASOS Design Floral Midi Pencil Dress with signature stilettos. Finish the get-up by donning a pale blue pashmina careless around your shoulder.

For the groom –

If the bride picks a grey or silver coloured gown, the best colour for the groom is a navy blue suit or crisp black. If the combination is peach, then either muted shades like black or white will work to amplify the couple’s as a whole.

That’s all for now! So, use your blue shawl to the best and give a unique touch to your pre-wedding photo-shoot.