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For bladder cancer alternative medicine has been found to be effective and the success rate is high – far higher than in the case of conventional medicines and it is also very safe to use.

Alternative medicine can be used even if you need to take several different medications.

Even if these medications are being taken for treating side effects. Which often develop after having taken drug-based medicines. Alternative medicine is one way as it does provide much hope and has much to offer as well.

When searching online, however, it is important to look for details about the clinic that point to the fact that they are licensed to do what they do. and that they expect professionalism and training in their employees.

Bladder Cancer

There are national organizations that will provide licensing exams for those who are interested in Oriental Medicine degrees. These include the National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (NCCAOM).

There are ways to find alternative medicine clinics in the area in which the individual lives.

Commonly used treatments

Surgery, chemotherapy, biologic therapy and radiation are most commonly used treatments for bladder cancer.  But some people also use bladder cancer alternative medicine to relieve the pain and cure it. Bladder cancer alternative medicine and liver cancer alternative medicine make use of vast range of healing philosophies either to complement, or use instead of conventional therapies such as radiation, surgery and chemotherapy. Smoking is the main cause of bladder cancer, but it can also be caused due to exposure to certain chemicals or family history.

Brandt grape cure is liver cancer alternative medicine that includes consumption of grapes, especially purple grapes with skin. They have more than dozen nutrients responsible for killing the cancer cells.

Other treatments for liver cancer include raw beet juice, MGN2, bitter melon, laetrile, køb melatonin, mistletoe, bovine and shark cartilage, antineoplastons, bee pollen, vitamin D3, IP-6, agaricus blazei murill, glutahione and protomorphogens.


Smoking is the main cause of bladder cancer, but it can also be caused due to exposure to certain chemicals or family history.

Most patients feel that complementary and liver cancer alternative medicine helps to improve immune function. Therefore, reducing stress associated with the illness and keeps up the spirits.

While trying cancer alternative medicine a patient may miss the opportunity to recover from a conventional treatment.

First of all some of the treatment options can and have caused fatal side effects. This is because they were used incorrectly and without the guidance of a professional. Conventional treatments work best when used soon after the disease is detected. Rather than when the cancer is at an advanced stage.